Skyline – Louis Poulsen

Skyline – Louis Poulsen

Sculptural shadow play

Louis Poulsen is launching a new sculptural pendant for large rooms, which is the result of an exciting partnership with a young Swiss-French designer.

It was love at first sight when Louis Poulsen first met the young Swiss-born designer Julie Richoz at a design event. Julie made such a good impression on the light manufacturer that they decided to give her a special assignment – to design a pendant for high positions in large rooms such as halls and auditoriums.

Julie Richoz accepted the challenge and developed a brand-new lighting concept – a pendant with a sculptural structure, where the visual elements are implemented down to the tiniest detail. From the outside to the core.

The pendant was christened Skyline. It is 800mm tall and made of six curved shades, offset from each other. Whether switched on or off, the fixture has a sculptural presence, and its efficient internal reflector and 52W LED light source provide comfortable and energy efficient downward directed light. The structure distributes the light internally in the pendant and creates a beautiful interplay of light – or shadow play, with the curved surfaces illuminated gradually and harmoniously.

Skyline is essentially a pendant for large rooms. It has such high efficiency that it is designed for installation at heights from 3m and up. But since the LED light source supports stepless dimming, the fixture can also be used in reception areas etc, where lighting is desired that commands a certain presence.

Skyline is large, but has a harmonious design. It is a tall, slim fixture which is completely white, giving it a peaceful presence in the room. A noticeable but quiet presence. This makes the fixture ideal for both classic and modern interiors – whether voluminous and decorated or simple and stringent.

Suspended in groups or rows, Skyline offers a living and different perception of the space, with different angles and shadow play adding a dynamic pattern to the room. The pendant is made of aluminium, and the core follows the same design principles as the exterior. To extend the lifetime of the LED light source, heat is conducted away by an ingenious three shade system which maximises heat reduction around the light source.

Skyline has its world premiere at the world’s largest lighting exhibition, light+building in Frankfurt, from 13-18 March 2016, and will then be launched around the world. With Skyline, Louis Poulsen is again cutting its own path and contributing attention-getting lighting which adds vitality to rooms and buildings and gives people comfortable and aesthetic light experiences.

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Skyline from Louis Poulsen A/S on Vimeo.