Silverback pendant by KiBiSi design group – Louis Poulsen

Floating minimalism

Louis Poulsen is launching the Silverback pendant as a supplement to the wall and ceiling fixtures in the minimalist lighting series from 2013. Louis Poulsen is thereby continuing a long tradition of creating simple and inviting fixtures which can blend harmoniously with a broad range of architectural styles – from classic curves to stringent modern lines.

The Silverback pendant, like the rest of the family, has been developed in close cooperation with the KiBiSi design group, and extends the series’ spectacular design expression. This makes it possible to combine the fixtures in new ways and create integrated interior designs.

The clean design, with its characteristic reflective rear surface, makes the Silverback pendant appear to float in all types of rooms, making it ideal alone or in repetitive installations. The pendant works well in high and low positions, encouraging creative and innovative installations.

The Silverback fixture’s unbroken surface and LED light source makes it easy to maintain and has helped secure its place in projects like education health sector and offices.

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