Shima a hybrid for rest and work design by Böttcher Henssler Kayser – Johanson

SHIMA – a hybrid for rest and work

This spring Johanson is launching SHIMA, a hybrid piece of furniture with a stylish and ergonomical design o ering comfortable sitting and resting positions for both work and relaxation. The base, which supports an upholstered cushion, is made of steel and is fitted with a rotatable laptop-size side table. Thanks to its attractive design, SHIMA will suit every occasion, from short coffee breaks to a few hours work in a relaxing atmosphere.

3-Kayser_B-W“Today, computers are used everywhere  in homes, workplaces, co ee bars, airports and schools. The aim when designing SHIMA was to create a sophisticated lounge piece requiring little space that would be equally suitable for use in the home and in office or commercial environments,” says Moritz Böttcher at the German design firm Böttcher-Henssler-Kayser, where SHIMA was conceived.

This is the first time that the German design trio have collaborated with Johanson, and Moritz Böttcher is very appreciative of Johanson’s sensitivity regarding quality and fl exibility during production. SHIMA is easy to place and offers a fine balance with respect to comfort, function and design. Thanks to Johanson’s fl exible manufacturing processes, the materials used for each individual product can be adapted to any customer’s needs and tastes. SHIMA is available in 194 RAL colours and there is a choice of 120 fabrics.

Design Böttcher Henssler Kayser