Shell a pendant lamp by Mattias Stenberg – bsweden


Shell is a pendant lamp intended either as a solitaire or to hang in multiples. Its compact size makes it ideal for hanging at lower heights, such as over a counter or in a window. In multiples, the lamps can either be hung symmetrically or as a freely designed cluster. This makes them suitable for larger spaces, perhaps above a large table. The height at which the lamp is to hang is easily adjustable.

Shell consists of an encasing shade – a stoneware shell – that directs the light downwards like a spotlight. Inspiration for the shape comes from Japanese pots and simple clay and ceramic bowls. The slight protrusions at the upper top of the shade are the only ornamentation, also emphasizing the suspension of the lamp from double wires.

Engobe has been applied to the outside of the shade to produce a matt, slightly textured surface. The colours are also inspired by the natural tones used by potters creating utility ware.

Design Mattias Stenberg