SHE a new collection 100% wool by Laura Bilde & Linnea Blæhr X Ege Carpets

SHE is Ege Carpets’ first WOOL100 designer collection and a natural embrace of renewable materials, luxurious comfort and uncompromising quality. Crafted from 100% pure new wool yarn, which is spun from extra-long fibres perfectly matching the durability of mixed wool/nylon qualities, the carpet collection holds a heavy commercial wear rating.

A tribute to her
SHE celebrates female artists in their time not obtaining the recognition they deserved within the textile weaving, sculpture or painting handicrafts. Thus, SHE honours women who helped clear the way for future female artists, who, then and now, live and breathe design. The collection is a tribute to these women – a tribute to her.

We stand on the shoulders of the women who cleared the way for us to work with design professionally. We want to pay a tribute to them, their work and the values, they fought so hard for.
– Laura Bilde & Linnea Blæhr, the designers behind SHE

Six patterns made by hand
Following a particular fascination of the preferred techniques of the 1930s’ and 1940s’ artists, all six SHE patterns are made by hand to embrace the unique expression of a line that’s either drawn, cut or put together by physical materials. The designs originate from interpretations of distinctive patterns created by different weaving techniques, experimental expressionistic shapes or, in contrast, simple and graphic paintings. Bringing these imperfect details into carpet design while keeping a simplistic yet organic look adds a sense of naturalness and artistic freedom to each carpet.



Designed by Laura Bilde & Linnea Blæhr
The design duo behind SHE, Laura Bilde and Linnea Blæhr, work in the tension field between functionality and sculptural expression. With their interior design background and conceptual approach, they create designs that experiment with materials and shapes while combining tactility, sensuousness and enticement. Their design philosophy is to create iconic, simple and timeless items. Laura Bilde and Linnea Blæhr are also the creative talents behind Ege Carpets’ multiple award-winning ReForm A New Wave collection.