Seto Stool – a Japanese take on Danish design heritage by designer Keiji Takeuchi – Fredericia

With the launch of the Seto Stool, designer Keiji Takeuchi has once again created a stunning solid wood design that combines proud Scandinavian and Japanese craft traditions. The Seto Stool is an elegant and flexible piece of furniture that embodies the essence of Mogensen’s design philosophy, combining heritage with modernity.

“ Fredericia has some amazing masterpieces, and my interest lies in finding a way to bridge these classics for our lifestyle today. It’s not about redesigning the classics; it’s simply about finding a way to share the richness that we find with inherited great design of the past. ”
Keiji Takeuchi



The Seto Stool combines past and present designs
At first glance, the solid oak and canvas stool is a simple design focusing on appearance and material. Still, a closer look reveals that a great deal of care and thought has gone into the design, drawing from historical references and knowledge of the craft. The name Seto refers to the architectural and engineering masterpiece Seto Ōhashi, Japan’s longest bridge connecting the main islands of Honshu and Shikoku. The bridge’s graceful profile is evident in Takeuchi’s stool with its distinctive H-structure, creating a refined and contemporary design.
Takeuchi’s approach was to combine past and present designs to capture the unique design universe he perceives at Fredericia. The idea behind Seto is to transfer the mood and design language from two of Børge Mogensen’s iconic creations, The Spanish Chair and Canvas Chair, which Takeuchi considers unique masterpieces and an integral part of the essence of Fredericia. The Seto Stool brings this design narrative into a contemporary context with flexibility that caters to the needs of many smaller homes and the growing demand for versatility in our furniture.



A shared love of wood and craftsmanship
Fredericia and Takeuchi began their design collaboration in 2020, resulting in the creation of the Pal side table. Designed as a solid wood serving tray and elevated by a delicate steel stem, the outcome was a piece of furniture stripped to the essentials yet strong in character.
The connection tact between Takeuchi and Fredericia Furniture was initiated by British designer Jasper Morrison, who introduced the Japanese designer to the family behind the Danish design brand known for its bold yet sophisticated wood craftsmanship. A close partnership was forged driven by their shared interest in high-quality materials, functionality, and aesthetic design.
“Both Danish and Japanese cultures believe that the true richness of a design is found in the ambience and warmth it creates, which go beyond aesthetics and functionality. Such subtle nuances are invisible but somehow noticeable. We seem to share and notice such values in each other.” – Keiji Takeuchi