Segment Rug Collection design by Tekla Evelina Severin – Ogeborg

The Segment Rug Collection is a collection of hand-tufted rugs that was produced in collaboration with Tekla Evelina Severin for our 60th anniversary.

As a historical tribute, Tekla has interpreted two of the most classic patterns we have; the box and the stripe. In her new interpretation, the two-dimensional patterns get new divisions, heights and extend outside the format. The idea is that these three graphic patterns should be adaptable in both scale and color – depending on the person, room and time – and be able to live for many years to come.

The rugs are hand tufted and made in Portugal. The yarn is a mixture of mainly wool and viscose/tencel, but also has elements of bamboo.

The collection is shown in our showroom during Stockholm Design Week. Opening hours: Monday-Friday at 10-17.

The sizes and colors of the rugs are specially produced for the anniversary exhibition in connection with Stockholm Design Week, but can be obtained in other dimensions and colors upon request, taking into account that the pattern runs evenly.