Sculpture and light converse in the new portable Pivot lamp by &Tradition

Almost a century after the initial design debate between light and sculpture began, &Tradition release Pivot, a portable lamp that explores the boundaries between form and function.

At the heart of Pivot’s design is the interplay between natural and manmade light. The lamp’s geometric shade is positioned at a 45-degree angle to the base, creating a soft diffusion that emulates the warm glow of a modern-day candle. The result is a beautiful light that exudes an inviting ambiance, transforming the mood of a milieu at the touch of a button.

An exploration of sculptural foundations in light pieces, Pivot represents a hybrid product that blurs the lines between object and portable lamp. Showcasing a unique duality, the lamp appears distinctly different as day turns to night. While natural daylight hits Pivot, the lamp’s cubic shape and true block colours take centre stage, performing as object d’art; as evening ensues, Pivot assumes its role as a luminaire, light falls downwards from the off-centred shade, casting shadow and delicately altering the perception of the base column’s tone.

Reminiscent of the minimalist art movement, Pivot is crafted from powder coated iron and mirror polished steel and comes available in two colour combinations: Blue Silver and Rusty Mint. While the cool-toned Blue Silver will look at home in most modern homes and professional spaces, the warmer-toned, Rusty Mint colourway is a worthy fit for those in search of a more expressive character.

Els Van Hoorebeeck, Creative and Brand Director at &Tradition, comments, “Pivot is a true hybrid product that transcends the boundary between object and portable light, operating equally in the realms of art and functionality. Each colourway brings a completely different nuance to Pivot’s aesthetic while the warm glow it exudes will create a comforting atmosphere when placed anywhere from bedroom side tables to living room display cabinets.”

Standing at 26cm in height and measuring 10cm in width and depth, Pivot is compact and portable, allowing easy transportation from location to location. Its charming stature and sculptural form allow experimentation with light and shadow in various interior settings, from residential spaces to hospitality and contract environments. The lamp has been designed to fit &Tradition’s charging tray that can charge up to 12 portables at once.