Riff Relay – Exploring the new light engine

For Milan Design Week 2015 ateljé Lyktan invited eight architects, designers and craftsmen, as well as ateljé Lyktan’s own Atelier, to explore the Riff light engine and create their own unique pendant. The project, named Riff Relay, resulted in nine spectacular pendants which will be manufactured in a limited edition of ten each.


At the core of the new pendant Riff, designed by Olle Lundberg, is a light engine that easily can be used to create a myriad of different designs. The inspiration for the light engine came from the car industry and how different models and designs share the same platform. The original design of Riff comes in three different lamp shades, three sizes and two colours.

#1 Olle Lundberg

Olle Lundberg has over 25 years of experience in delivering high-end design solutions rooted in the traditions of Scandinavian design. The objective of his studio LundbergDesign is to deliver strategic, visionary design solutions. Lundberg thinks the success of a product is based on the ability to mediate between consumer insights, technology, art and science.

Material: Riff medium light engine with net in brass.

#2 Åsa Jungnelius

Åsa Jungnelius holds an MFA in Ceramics and glass from Konstfack in Sweden. Åsa works with glass as her primary medium. She is one of the members in the design group Last Editions. Åsa Jungnelius is represented in the collections of the Swedish National Museum and the Röhsska Museum, as well as many Swedish and international private collections.

Material: Riff small light engine with hand shaped crystal with tops of calfskin.

#3 Stefan Borselius

Stefan Borselius established his design company in 2002, he has made a reputation of devising innovative solutions for materials, form and function. Borselius has won several design prizes and awards, and some of the products he has designed are represented in the collections of the Swedish National Museum in Stockholm.

Material: Riff medium light engine with shade in aluminium.

#4 Ludvig Löfgren

Ludvig Löfgren has a long experience working with art and glass art, educated at Hovedskou Fine Painting School, Konstfack in Stockholm as well as the glass schools of Kosta and Orrefors. His unique designs aim to take traditional Swedish glass into the future. Today Ludvig works at the Målerås Glassworks.

Material: Riff small light engine with hand-blown, sandblasted and engraved glass.

#5 Tham & Videgård

Swedish Architects Bolle Tham & Martin Videgård have been working together for a long time. They have received numerous awards including Architects of the Year in Sweden. Their work is described as clear and generous. Tham & Videgård have a close collaboration with ateljé Lyktan.

Material: Riff medium light engines with sandblasted plexiglass tube.

#6 Henrik Schulz

Architect and designer Henrik Schulz was educated at Chalmers University, Konstakademien and The School of Design in Denmark. Schulz’ architect office in Gothenburg works with several Scandinavian brands, including HAY, Horreds and of course ateljé Lyktan.

Material: Riff small light engine with slats cut from solid ash.

#7 Horisaki

Swedish-Japanese designer duo Karin and Makoto Horisaki create unique leather hats in their studio in Rockneby, Småland, Sweden. Their hats have been worn by several celebrities including Lady Gaga and are carried by some of the world’s most prestigious fashion stores.

Material: Riff small light engine with burnt rabbit felt, linen fabric and steelwire.

#8 Alexander Levin

Third generation goldsmith & jewellery designer, Alexander Levin heads the family company ”Levin’s Gold & Silver”, founded in Motala, Sweden, in 1937. Levin also designs engagement and wedding rings under name ”Bonnie & Clyde” and retro jewellery under the name ”Jewellery 71”.

Material: Riff small light engine with slides of plexiglass and tubes in 925 silver.

#9 Ateljén

For almost eighty years, unique light fixtures have been created alongside series-manufactured products at ateljé Lyktan’s factory in Åhus. Today, two people are dedicating their time to special projects in ateljé Lyktan’s studio called “Ateljén” – or Atelier in English.

Material: Riff small light engine with discs and other details in copper.

Unique pendants in a limited edition

The project, named Riff Relay, resulted in nine unique and spectacular pendants. Each pendant will be manufactured in a limited and signed edition of ten each. If you want to become an owner of a Riff Relay pendant – please contact Thomas Holm at ateljé Lyktan or fill out the inquiry form below.

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