Red Dot Award: Axor Showerpipe by Front Design

Flowing technology

There was a time when water for daily use was taken from a river. As time went by, technology replaced the direct contact with water. The design of the Axor Showerpipe by Front aims to draw attention to the hidden aesthetics of this technology. In this collection, pipes, valves and funnels turn into charming design objects which relate to traditional forms. The clear form of the shower head takes a funnel as its model. It has been designed with great precision and gives the appearance of a well-proportioned tool. Thus, a visually appealing product stems from what was originally a purely functional component. The complete set is made up of a thermostat, a height-adjustable head shower, with two spray types, and a hand shower. It offers the user a pleasant showering experience. Ribbing makes the handles easy to grip and the valve handles are simple to operate. Through its clear language of form, the shower may be used in combination with other Axor collections and integrates well into any interior. Various special surfaces are also available. The well-balanced design of the Axor Showerpipe by Front offers an original experience of water and technology – with all the comforts of today.

Statement by the jury

»By referring to traditional technical forms, the Axor Showerpipe by Front creates something new which is fascinating. The clear lines of the shower underline the way that water naturally flows and thereby demonstrates a feeling of back to basics. But the well-engineered comfort of the facilities offers the user an intensive showering experience. The precise attention to detail makes Axor Showerpipe by Front very convincing.«