PP Møbler passed over to third generation Kasper Holst Pedersen who employs COO

PP Møbler passed over to third generation
Kasper Holst Pedersen who employs COO

New Generation takes over the reins at PP Møbler

Following tradition, third generation craftsman Kasper Holst Pedersen has taken over the stewardship of PP Møbler from his father, Søren Holst Pedersen who has passed on the responsibility to his son just as his father, the founder of PP Møbler, Ejnar Holst Pedersen did before him.

Each generation brings in turn fresh ideas and new skills to maintain the workshop’s position at the forefront of European furniture making. Kasper continues the line of master of craftsmen preserving the proud traditions of the workshop and managing the future growth of the Company.

Since 1953 the driving ethos of PP Møbler has been a focus on quality and craftsmanship. New methods and techniques have been adopted by each generation in pursuit of ever improving quality and craftsmanship. It is important to Kasper to uphold these core values to pass on in turn to the next generation.

“My father and grandfather have always been putting pressure on the craftsmanship to reach its highest potential. This has over the years resulted in machines and tools developed here at PP. Hans J. Wegner chairs are so advanced and demanding to produce, that its only possible to achieve the designs expression and quality to the fullest because of our own developed techniques and methods. As Søren and Ejnar both spend hours on expanding their craft, we will continue to do so as well. My father strived to make PP Møbler a sustainable company and is the reason we already are far ahead with sustainable productions. In Sørens last year at the workshop we started up a new research project he for many years had brewed on. In collaboration with DTU we are working towards a technique, a colouring and surface treatment based only on green chemistry, for coating furniture. Not only will the pieces treated get more sustainable to produce, they will also be more beautiful to look at, if successful.”

Kasper employs COO
Kasper Holst Pedersen the CEO and owner of PP Møbler, is pleased to announce that 1.September 2020, Lars Varming joined the Company as COO. Lars takes over the overall responsibility of managing the day-to-day operation of the business. Traditionally the owner has run the PP workshop, but as the business has grown Kasper believes that appointing a COO is an important step in securing the Company’s continued growth in this new era under his leadership.

“To have the means for quality and real craftsmanship it is necessary with an optimal production process. In the latest years the number of employees has increased, and today we’re about 60 in total, counting craftsmen, upholstery, braiding and administration. It became evident that the growth in demand and employees made it necessary to strengthen the organisation by adding more resources and new competences to the operation. Our ambition is to keep growing along with an increase in quality and collection. My dream is to develop on top of the heritage from Hans J Wegner, and cultivate even further the craftsmanship his designs demand. My dream is also to introduce new designs, to develop new tools and techniques continuing the values of innovation and idealism I’ve been brought up with. I will look to embrace and encompass the company to the present challenges as my father and his father before him did. Today climate issues are top of mind, and that goes for our customers globally. Our furniture’s longevity and superior quality is and will always be essential to the existence of PP Møbler.”

Lars Varming is an experienced production engineer, with an HD degree in Innovation and Organisational Change from CBS. He has years of work experience in leading and managing projects focused on implementing systems to improve production processes and workflows. These qualifications are precisely what PP Møbler needs to prepare for further growth and an expansion of the workshop without comprising quality and legacy. In the future quality in product, in production processes and in lessening the climate footprint continues to be core values.

”I’m proud to be part of PP Møbler and to take part in the next step developing the business. Quality, credibility, and transparency are key to my work. Through LEAN processes I will facilitate initiatives and digitizations aimed at building a more agile and effective end-to-end value chain. I look forward to participate in the new generation of PP Møbler.”


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