Portus – Lammhults

Portus – Lammhults

For Stockholm Furniture Fair 2015, Lammhults designers Johannes Foersom and Peter Hiort- Lorenzen introduces Portus, a new sofa series offering many possibilities for different meeting places.

As a bench, easy chair or a sofa, the Portus seating series works as a stopping point, a meeting point, a relaxing space or a sharing space – all created by the combination of the three simple elements: a soft sculptural bench, an ergonomic support cushion, and a shapely back. The frame, in wood or in steel, is plain and uncomplicated, almost archetypical, and refers to Nordic simplicity and restraint when it comes to use of material.

The elements included in the Portus series can be combined in order to create a variety of seating; The bench is the base and comes in three dimensions. The back, high or low, can be mounted on any of the three benches to give a stronger expression and a feeling of privacy. A low cushion gives extra support och comfort.

With its spacious and architectural shape, Portus sofa a visually strong design piece. The back in the higher version will create
a room within the room but also add architecture to larger spaces. The back creates an enclosing feeling, but it is also the part that creates the acoustic and architectural element. The products are upholstered in fabric and can vary in the different parts. The quilting in the back refer to the modules of the architecture but also to the softness and warmth in the upholstery.

The Danish design duo Peter Hiort-Lorenzen and Johannes Foersom has created a number of important products for Lammhults. One of the first pieces of furniture was the Newport sofa from 1988, with its high back and enclosing shape. Newport became most popular in a number of projects, banks, airports, museums and other environments where privacy and solitude were asked for.

Today, Hiort-Lorenzen and Johannes Foersom presents their new interpretation of this theme. Portus, harbour in latin, leads your thoughts to the previous sofa Newport, but has its own, modern yet timeless expression.


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