Pop sofa – Gärsnäs

Pop sofa – Gärsnäs
Design Patrik Bengtsson & Pierre Sindre

“The POP sofa and the table that goes with it are based on modules intended for an activity-based office. In contrast to the traditional office, with everyone having their own desk and their own room, we want to give people the chance of sitting down ad hoc for informal meetings. POP is based on a simple system of different basic parts, forming everything from a classic sofa to a modern seating unit.”

Pop sofa – Gärsnäs

Sofa series with back and seat upholstered. In fabric or leather and fitted with low or high sound-absorbing screen backs with fabric or leather upholstery. Upholstered seat with solid wooden frame. Ash or beech base. Tables freestanding or fixed to sofa. Ash, beech-veneer or laminated top with white-painted steel frame. Ash or beech/unstained base.



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