POP easy chair – Gärsnäs

POP easy chair – Gärsnäs

POP sofa redux and addition of a new POP easy chair

The POP series has grown to include an easy chair, while the entire POP series has been given an elegant makeover based on rattan, leather and high-quality fabrics.

The new POP easy chair, just like the sofa, is available with various back heights – low, medium or high – to better suit the demands of its surrounding environment. The POP sofa and POP easy chair, with accompanying table, are based on a modular design intended for the activity-based office.

The new POP sofa and POP easy chair are characterised by a stylish appearance. The rattan back support edged with leather sets the tone, the seat upholstered in matching leather or fabric and the low, medium or high sound-absorbent back screens are also inlaid with edge-protected rattan. Even the sideboards of the seat are upholstered in matching leather reinforcing the well-kept appearance. But not only is it good looking, but practical too; the new POP series has been provided with interchangeable upholstery.

POP product description:

Sofa series and easy chair with rattan back and leather edging, seat upholstered in leather and fabric, fitted with low, medium or high sound-absorbent back frames covered with edge-protected rattan. Upholstered seat with frame of solid wood, sideboards covered in matching leather. Seat and back upholstery removable. Underframe in ash or beech. Standalone table or attached to sofa. Board in ash or beech veneer, alternatively laminate with rattan sides. Underframe in ash or beech/natural.

Patrik Bengtsson & Pierre Sindre on POP:

Last year’s success, the POP sofa, has been given a makeover? 

Conceptually our inspiration was early 70s silk scarfs by Hermès and the timeless rattan handbags by saddle maker Palmgrens. The high backrests create a partition effect and are made of rattan finished with a strong leather edge. Something else that’s new is the upholstery that is completely removable for both the seat and back, and the sideboards are covered with matching leather. The textiles have been carefully selected: herringbone and houndstooth wool fabrics harmonise the entire composition. It is a POP sofa exuding exclusivity and quality, providing good conditions for durability and a beautiful patina.

Test sit the POP sofa and POP easy chair at the Gärsnäs stand A11:20, Stockholm Furniture Fair 9 – 13 February.





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