Podwork workstations by o4i Design Studio – Martela

More and more workplaces have a need for spaces in which work requiring concentration can be done in peace. Martela’s new PodWork workstations have been designed to meet this need: the two different workstation modules can easily be combined to produce the desired layout. PodWork provides a solution to the need for private space and thus fits very well with the activity based office concept.

Henrik Kjellberg and Jon Lindström of o4i Design Studio have previously designed the PodSeat,
PodSofa and PodMeeting furniture for Martela. “PodWork is a natural extension of the Pod series. While the other items in the series are designed as short-stay or discussion locations, PodWork is designed for doing work that requires concentration. The series thus provides a harmonious range of options for a variety of purposes in the modern office,” explain the designers.

PodWork supports the activity based office concept

Ergonomics today is about much more than getting the right seated or standing posture. It is also about moving around and using different locations during the working day. The activity based office concept caters for these needs.

“PodWork is designed to offer a temporary workstation for work that requires concentration, and to facilitate mobility and relocation during the working day,” explains Kjellberg.

Modularity helps workspace design

The PodWork series features two different workstation modules, one of them more open and the other more private. By combining these, it is possible to create a variety of workspaces. “The idea is that the PodWork modules allow convertibility and flexibility in workspace design, whatever the size of office,” says Kjellberg.

“The PodWork’s form is both modern and timeless. The rounded corners of the modules bring softness to the office space, and this can be highlighted by selecting a colour or combination of colours that is right for the purpose,” adds Kari Leino, Product Manager at Martela.