Pluralis – Fritz Hansen

Pluralis – Fritz Hansen

Pluralis™ – designed for a modern working life

Republic of Fritz Hansen presents a new table designed by the Danish designer Kasper Salto. The table is called Pluralis™, because it is designed to accommodate more than one type of situation, setting, occasion or meeting. Pluralis is characterized by a simple design and uncompromising quality from end to end. By its mere presence, the understated design will contribute to the ambiance of your workplace.

A versatile workspace
Pluralis is as versatile as the diverse tasks you handle every day of your working life. The light, functional design makes it easy to create just the right atmosphere, whether formal or informal. And the simple, welcoming design invites you to take a seat to catch up on your emails or make yourself comfortable for a lengthy board meeting. Pluralis is designed for doing business – with pleasure.

‘Pluralis is the sum of a simple and beautiful design combined with the Fritz Hansen mindset of how a product should look. We had a very fruitful collaboration with Kasper Salto because he knows the Fritz Hansen DNA so well. You could say the same about his earlier work with the NAP chair and the Little Friend table, which we made together. The Pluralis table is no exception, as it is the epitome of a lasting design, quality materials and craftsmanship,’ says Christian Andresen, Head of Design, Republic of Fritz Hansen.

An aesthetic that invites productivity
Pluralis has an aesthetic that is calming, yet empowering. Much like the sofa in your living room invites you to relax, Pluralis enables you to be more productive at work. With its simple, clean lines and expansive surface, there is plenty of room for you to focus on efficiency. Pluralis offers you an aesthetic that gives you the freedom to brainstorm on creative concepts, exchange ideas or prepare a presentation or proposal.

‘I wanted to create a simple and informal meeting table that emphasizes a calm atmosphere with its two trestles and a tabletop. No redundant construction below that gets in the way of leg room. The two trestles are shaped to make the approach enjoyable: Shaping the legs in soft curves facing outwards invites you to slide up to the table and be productive.’ says Kasper Salto, designer.




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