Pik – bsweden

Pik – bsweden


Pik is sharp and honest in its simplicity. An important aspect of the design is that it shall deliver something more than the obvious. Small contrasts, delicate steps between soft circles and hard angles that offers both comfortable background lighting and crisp spot lighting. With Pik the designers Erik Tell and Carolina Foghammar look forward with modern and energy saving technology while paying homage to the clean and functional design language of the fifties.


Pik is designed by Erik Tell and Carolina Foghammar who met while studying product design at Malmö Högskola. The two classmates graduated 2013. Erik´s interest in design originates in his background in industrial manufacturing and he has a deep understanding of technology as well as design. Carolina´s influences are fetched primarily from the scandinavian design tradition, but also from Italy, where she earlier has lived and studied.