Pia Wallén and Abstracta participates in National Museum´s Design Stories

Pia Wallén and Abstracta participates in National Museum´s Design Stories

A must-see! Together with fashion designer Pia Wallén, Abstracta is participating in the exhibition “Design Stories” at newly opened National Museum Stockholm. This unique exhibition is a conceptual study for partitions to be launched at Stockholm Furniture Fair in February 2019.

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Design Stories

Design Stories takes an inquisitive dive into current Swedish contemporary design in which the “story” constitutes the basis of form and expression in one way or another.

The concept and phenomenon of storytelling is nothing new, but it has now become an increasingly important aspect in communication related to objects and companies. The exhibition addresses the idea of stories as a part of the designer’s concept development, work process and/or branding. Objects and short films are used to present the perspective and thoughts of the designers. Design Stories aims to act as a prism, its various facets and aspects created by and for everyone who visits the exhibition.

The exhibition presents ten subjectively selected designers and design firms for whom stories play a central role in various ways.

Participating designers:

Anna Kraitz

Anna von Schewen

Bolon (the two sisters Annika andMarie Eklund)

Front /Anna Lindgren och Sofia Lagerkvist)

Iman Aldebe

Louise Linderot

Monica Förster

Petra Wadström

Pia Wallén

In the magazine that accompanies the exhibition, three writers provide additional aspects of storytelling, based on three separate perspectives.