PH 3½-2½ Copper Table by Poul Henningsen – Louis Poulsen

Limited Edition: PH 3½-2½ Copper Table

Design: Poul Henningsen

You have probably been hoping and maybe even dreamed that we continued the amazing story with PH 3½ -3 Copper from last year. And of course we couldn’t stop ourselves to see how a copper table lamp would look like – so here it is. Beautiful, well balanced and with the ability to choose expressions, depending on the mood. PH 3½ -2½ Copper Table is supplied with two shades, one copper and one glass.

“Every home should have multiple points of light in each room,” notes Louis Poulsen’s Showroom Manager, Lisbeth Mansfeldt, who provides advice to private consumers. “Too many homes have too few points of light, resulting in an uncomfortable light. With extra light points you create small oases and emphasise the room’s dimensions in a better and more atmospheric way.” “Table lamps are easy to move around, and provide pleasant low intensity lighting, creating still life scenes on side tables, bookcases or sideboards.”

The PH 3½-2½ copper table lamp comes with a high gloss surface, but the copper will develop a patina unique to its given setting, adding further personality, if desired. “We are aware that many people want their copper lamps to develop a patina,” notes Business Area Manager Pia Knudsen, “and Louis Poulsen has therefore chosen not to surface treat or lacquer the copper on this and many of our other copper light fixtures. The patination process begins from the moment of assembly, and proceeds during production and distribution. When a product is taken out of the box, it may thus have already begun oxidising. We provide a set of white cotton gloves with each light fixture, so people can avoid leaving fingerprints during installation.

The PH 3½-2½ copper table lamp is 46 cm tall. A practical height providing good working light with either type of shade. The three-layer opal glass shades are polished on the outside and sandblasted on the inside. The switch is located on the cord.

PH 3½-2½ copper table lamps will be made in response to incoming orders, and only the exact number ordered will be produced.

Can be ordered between 14 March and 15 June 2015.

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