A Permanent Post in Cologne – Swedese

A Permanent Post in Cologne – Swedese

The new year is off to an exciting start for Swedese with the news that we have finally secured our first permanent exhibition space in Germany – at Design Post in Cologne. The grand opening will take place in conjunction with the annual design fair IMM in Cologne 13–19 January.

Design Post in Cologne is a vibrant exhibition hall for a select group of renowned furniture, lighting, and textile design companies. It is also an industry meeting place with a continuous program of exhibitions where design companies, architects and their clients can pick up on the latest trends, develop ideas, and draw inspiration.

Even the building itself is an experience. Design Post is housed in a historical and architecturally expressive arcade in the Deutz quarter of central Cologne. Designed originally as a post office in the early teens of the 20th century – the building continued in that role until the 1990s. Nine years ago, it was extensively refurbished, and has since acted as “A showroom for design aficionados, a boulevard for aesthetes, and a source of inspiration for design industry professionals.”

Welcome to IMM 13-19 January – and to Design Post all year round!




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