Penne chair updated – Lammhults

Lammhults presents an updated version of the Penne chair – designed by Julia Läufer & Marcus Keichel

Penne was the world’s first chair with legs made from laminated wooden tubes and was launched in 2016. Penne combines the spirit of Scandinavian furniture design with the requirements of modern public environments. Penne has its hallmark both in innovation and aesthetics, and it demonstrates the complexity of creating something simple. The chair is circular and is assembled using screws and bolts, making it easy to dismantle the furniture and recycle it or replace its components. To increase the strength and also highlight the chair’s circular design, the back has been fitted with zinc plates, which are the frame attachments in the back. The zinc plates match the color of the seat frame, which comes in white, grey or black.


“To fit in with the Lammhults design tradition, the chair was intended as both an iconic and a genuine industrial product at the same time.”



The chair is stackable and is very easy to handle thanks to its light weight. With a seat and back in ash, oak or walnut or in white, grey or black polypropylene, the chair can readily be adapted to the needs of the intended environment. The legs come in ash, natural or stained, as well as oak or walnut and also in powder coated aluminium, enabling the client to create monochrome or contrasting color combinations. Penne also comes as an armchair and with accessories such as couplings, and a fold-down shelf for simpler storage.

Penne is a light, well-considered chair that can withstand tough environments and offers the perfect seating in schools, lecture halls and conference rooms. It is also very much at home in cafeterias, dining rooms, and as visitor chairs in the office or at home. Penne is the chair where innovation meets design.



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