Pebble a new arrival among our sound absorbers by Johan Lindstén – Johanson

PEBBLE – a new arrival among our sound absorbers

Johan Lindstén has previously designed five ranges of sound absorbers for Johanson’s collection. These have not only contributed to improving acoustic environments but have also created more aesthetically attractive working environments in o ces and commercial buildings. PEBBLE signals the arrival of the sixth range.

Johan_Lindsteen“Both the name and appearance of the PEBBLE sound absorber were inspired by the unceasing and beautiful variations of stony beaches. Thanks to its minimalistic character and organic design, it can be easily integrated into any type of interior and create its own personal expression,” says Johan Lindstén.

PEBBLE is simply fixed in place by using magnets and is available in black, anthracite, light grey and o -white.

“The stone modules have a special quality in that they can be arranged in every conceivable combination while at the same time creating a continual but non-repetitive pattern,” says Johan Lindstén.

Design Johan Lindstén