Paola Navone is the Guest of Honor 2018

Being citizen of the world and something of an anthropologist, Paola Navone – Italian architect, product designer, interior designer and artistic director – has been commissioned to create an installation for the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. This is the fifteenth time the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair invites a renowned international designer to design an installation at the fair’s entrance hall.

“Paola Navone is one of today’s most interesting and outstanding designers. We admire her creativity and eclectic aesthetic, as well as the amazing breadth of her output. Whatever she chooses to do, she always manages to create a unique atmosphere. It’s going to be exciting to see her sophisticated yet playful expression manifested in an installation here at the fair,” says Cecilia Nyberg, Project Area Manager for Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair.

Paola Navone was born in Turin and later moved to Milan, although she sees herself first and foremost as a citizen of the world: driven by her strong interest in the most widely differing cultures – particularly Asian ones. She travels a great deal, bowing to a natural inclination to cross boundaries, and not only geographical ones.

“I am very flattered to have been invited to be Guest of Honour for such a special event as Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. It is the perfect place to meet and share ideas. Where traditions mingle and influence one another in a beautiful melting pot. Where you can still breathe the lessons of the great masters mixed with the contagious energy of young designers,” says Paola Navone.