Oxford™ – Fritz Hansen

Oxford™ – Fritz Hansen

Oxford™ – A remake of a classic

Republic of Fritz Hansen has created a revitalization of the classic Oxford chair designed by the famous Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen back in 1965. The new contemporary edition comes in two versions: Classic and Premium. The revitalization of the iconic Oxford chair gives the design a new and modern expression ready to fit right into workplace settings as well as your home offices.

From academic to iconic
The original Oxford chair was designed back in 1965, when Arne Jacobsen was searching for a suitable seating solution for professors at St Catherine’s College at Oxford University. With its elongated high back, the Oxford chair became synonymous with status and prestige. The new edition dispenses with hierarchy and the high back to echo a more modern approach to work. The revitalization of the classic Oxford chair is at the forefront of this trend, with an iconic design that invites you to take a seat.

‘We decided to revitalize the iconic Oxford chair in order to give it a more contemporary look and thus give it renewed relevance. We wound up with two versions: Classic and Premium. The Classic is made in monochrome black. The new look makes us “read” the chair differently, seeing it as a single shape, unlike the traditional chrome frame edition, which is read more as a shell on a base. The Premium edition has a thicker layer of foam, which makes it very comfortable, and it is upholstered in a new textile that comes in a variety of colors. The new colour palette changes the way we see the chair, as it goes immediately from a classic to a more modern expression. I think we have succeeded in achieving a pure and elegant expression with the new design,’ says Christian Andresen, Head of Design, Republic of Fritz Hansen.

An empowering chair
Once you experience the new Oxford™, don’t be surprised if you suddenly feel like your own boss. Empowered. The upright design and soft textile combine to enhance the comfort of the chair, allowing you to perform at your best. With an extra boost of confidence to be daring and decisive. Available in a wide array of contemporary colours, the Oxford chair has the ability to contribute to the ambiance in your home office or workplace and give you a sense of well-being. Whether you work at work or at home, the Oxford chair will be perfect, as it does not dominate but complement your space. The gentle, contoured silhouette combined with the cool colours allows the Oxford chair to fit into any interior décor.