Österlen design by Inga Sempé – Gärsnäs

Chair in natural ash, stain or white-pigmented wax oil.
Back/back legs in solid bent ash. Seat in veneer.
Table in natural ash, stain or white-pigmented wax oil.
Table top in veneer and legs in solid ash.
Design Inga Sempé.

Inga Sempé:
“The name of the chair and table is Österlen, to emphasise the fact that this chair is built in this historically strong part of southern Sweden (and designed by an even more southern person). Working with Gärsnäs was a great opportunity to design wooden furniture – something that is not possible to do in France, where no wood products factory would ask a contemporary designer to work for it. I knew that the furniture would be built well due to the great knowledge of this company.
“I wanted to combine typical bentwood techniques with the high-level assembly skills of Gärsnäs. My aim was to create a simple, light and quiet – but not minimalist – chair and table that would be nice in contemporary homes or in more traditional ones, and good both for domestic settings and contract use.
“The main characteristic of the chair is the U cuts made into the legs and bent sections. Curves become flattened and the light strikes the sections in a different way that gives a soft rhythm to the chair.
“The cuts in the bent back are designed to add comfort by increasing the angle with the seat. The cuts to the back section allow the back to be assembled. On the front legs the cuts create flat sections that can be joined to the seat, creating a nice diagonal construction. The cuts to the lower parts of the legs sharpen the shape of the legs and add a sense of energy to the Österlen chair and table.”