OneCase design by Søren Ulrik Petersen – onecollection

The designer Søren Ulrik Petersen is a master of crooked thoughts and ideas – he is always looking for other ways of doing things and often uses non traditional methods and materials in order to reach the goal.

OneCase is based on a simple idea of cutting, folding and assembling. The material is white lacquered 4 mm Alu-debond, processed in a modern CNC machine, folded, glued and ready to hang up on a wall.


With changeable high gloss back covers in beautiful strong colors, this optically light looking case gets an incredibly decorative function, never experienced before.

The colours may be changed to other colours and this way you can put your own touch to the room or the mind like e.g. occasion, season, mood or just because you want to.

There is one module only in the “series” + 8 different colours. So simply and so easily it can be done, when you have a tendency of crooked thoughts and straight lines.

Design: Søren Ulrik Petersen

Case philosophy
about a case
we need to collect things, which tell others who
we are
we need to collect them and place them in a
this is not a bookcase
it is not a suitcase or a briefcase
it is just a case
and when you use it, you build it as you need it
it is a simple thing
it is just a case
just OneCase…

Søren Ulrik Petersen