Ogle Mini by Form Us With – ateljé Lyktan

Ogle Mini by Form Us With – ateljé Lyktan

Ogle gets a smaller sibling – Ogle Mini

The original Ogle designed by Form Us With Love was released in 2009 and the combination of a mixed
functionality – both pendant and spotlight – has been a success in all kinds of environments. During the
Stockholm Furniture Fair 2016, ateljé Lyktan presents a smaller sibling to the Ogle – Ogle Mini. The small
pendant measures 90 mm and is moulded in aluminium which makes it even more flexible than before.

When we first created the Ogle we wanted to find a fixture that worked both on its own and in a group. Given
that Ogle has the functionality of a spotlight, we wanted the visual shape to be a complement to furniture as well
as other lighting in an environment. We also wanted it to work really well in a group of many pendants, without it
becoming to expressive, says John Löfgren from Form Us With Love

All versions of Ogle will be updated to aluminium, giving it an even longer life span. The quality of the LED light
source has also been further improved. The new Ogle Mini is very flexible and easy to work with in any given
space. It will also be released as a wall-mounted reading light later this year.




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