O2asis awarded with Green Good Design Award 2016

O2asis awarded with Green Good Design Award 2016

It is no secret that nature is one of the great healers. In our day-to-day lives, a short walk or even a moment outside provides us with a short, sharp burst of oxygen that refreshes and reinvigorates our minds. In contrast, the buildings in which we spend roughly 80% of our time, can feel dry, and ‘airless,’ which can affect our health and ability to concentrate. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are comprised by solvents and other fleeting substances which can be emitted when paint is drying. VOC is one of the main reasons why the air indoors are more contaminated than the air outdoors. Ironically, as mankind has advanced in its engineering of energy-efficient buildings, we have also created homes and office buildings that are sealed from the outdoor environment. One could blame modern construction practices for the decrease in indoor air quality, as reduced ventilation is one of the main contributors to the “Sick Building Syndrome” (SBS), triggering symptoms such as headache, fatigue and malaise.

Research has proven that we are already blessed with a solution that doesn’t rely on newfangled technologies and high investment, but simply the introduction of certain plant species to our indoor environment – three in particular: Areca Palm, Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, and Money Plant which all actively absorb toxins and release more oxygen. With this insight, we launched our O2asis Collection in 2011. The Products in this collection are specially designed to integrate plants into buildings, improving the air quality, making us feel better which ultimately leads to more creative and efficient meetings. O2asis is an assortment of design products, which together with flowers and plants enhances and adds value to the work environment, not least through an improved indoor air quality. O2asis also offers possibilities to architects who are interested in adding green elements into their projects. The focus of O2asis is to add value through a planned use of vegetation in public interiors, and not on the plants themselves. Research has shown that a deliberate use of vegetation in interiors will bring a number of advantages, including an improved indoor environment, an improved air quality, less noise and reduced stress. Green interiors also improve motivation and efficiency at the workplace, resulting in employees and customers feeling more at ease.

“O2asis is one of OFFECCT’s strategically most important investments in recent years. It’s not about the vegetation in itself, but on the added value that green environments creates. In line with our longstanding commitment to creating sustainable design, it was an obvious step to take creating conditions for better indoor climate and a creative work environment, says Kurt Tingdal, CEO, OFFECCT.

The products in the O2asis concept are designed by Front (Green Pedestals), Luca Nichetto (Green Pads), Jean-Marie Massaud (Green Island), Formfjord (Circus Planter), Louise Hederström (Green Divider), Ineke Hans (Smallroom Plus), Satyendra Pakhalé (Grip), Fattorini+Rizzini+Partners (Meet), Mario Ruiz (Soundwave Planter), Mattias Stenberg (On Point). Learn more about the products here