Notes hanging acoustic panel by Luca Nichetto – Offecct

Notes, hanging acoustic panel by Luca Nichetto

Notes by Italian designer Luca Nichetto is an eco-friendly acoustic panel that encourages interaction and creativity. Notes consists of five differently shaped acoustic screens that hangs on a rail and that can be rearranged to create a wall by moving them sideways. Notes introduces a sustainable and unconventional construction that now will push acoustic panels in a new direction. 

– I’m from Venice Italy, where a common way of drying laundry is by throwing them over any available cable that you find hanging between houses. When kids play football on the street, the clothes hanging over the lines muffles the sound of the bouncing football and screaming kids. So I used that as inspiration and tried to transfer it in to an industrial product, explains Luca Nichetto about the original idea for Notes.

Notes was presented in 2014 as a project in Offecct Lab, Offecct’s department of experimental product development. After a year of further development, primarily in succeeding in creating a new hanging device and a recyclable filling, made partly out of waste from Offecct’s upholstery production, Notes is now finally ready for the market.

– During 2014 we have not only solved the aspect of using only recyclable materials when producing Notes, but also managed to industrialize its hanging device. The roof is always different from building to building so we had to construct a device that was stable and could adjust easily to different surfaces. We solved it by drawing inspiration from how bridges are constructed, and in this case especially the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, USA, explains Luca Nichetto.

Notes is the fourth collaboration between Offecct and Luca Nichetto.

– Notes is truly Offecct, because acoustic panels are very important to them. They have really believed in Notes and developed it into a product which is between architecture and a product, concludes Luca Nichetto.