northmodern is Scandinavia’s new innovative furniture and lifestyle trade show

northmodern is Scandinavia’s new innovative furniture and lifestyle trade show

northmodern 13–15 August 2015

northmodern is Scandinavia’s new innovative furniture and lifestyle trade show

Inspired by the Danish Modern movement and Copenhagen’s unique positioning as a top cultural destination, northmodern showcases the most exciting international talents working today along with the best of Scandinavian design heritage.

Uniting culture with design brands, buyers, press, retail and technology, northmodern opens up new and exciting possibilities that venture beyond the boundaries of traditional trade fairs accompanied each season by a creative exhibition.

A Meeting Place
As a celebration of holistic, sustainable contemporary living, the event brings together a unique and well-rounded curation of design, professionals and ideas from other related industries, including contributions from gastronomy, auction houses, galleries and innovative companies. Together, these diverse fields co-exist and redefine each other to create a one-of-a-kind trade show experience for businesses, professionals and design enthusiasts from around the world.

Opening Hours
Thursday – Friday: 9 AM – 6PM
Saturday: 9 AM – 5PM

northmodern GALLERY

northmodern GALLERY is a showcase of different installations and exhibitions of news, experiments, special projects and innovative products within design, art and architecture. A lively mix of high end brands, upcoming designers, new talents, galleries, showrooms and other creative forces.

Crystal Hall – curated by 1.618 – a Parisian exhibition with the very best of sustainable luxury
Global Hood – Specially invited International brands and designers
Special Projects – a selection of different, innovative projects and co-labs
Talents – New talents (rising stars), graduates (upcoming stars) and newly established talents (stars)
Speak – Conference program, curated by Design denmark
Blogger’s Back Office – Feel Good lounge, where bloggers can rest and re-charge both their soul, mobile, laptop and cameras


ROOM is Copenhagen’s new Furniture Fair with focus on the contract market. northmodern presents both modern and Nordic furniture and design, including lighting, kitchen and audio brands. The surrounding environment of ROOM has a cool and industrial feeling, creating a spacious platform and representation of each individual brand identity.

Welcome Lounge + ICON Exhibition – A warm Welcome in a cool lounge environment curated by Design Circus and an exhibition of classic Danish design Icons.
VIP Lounge –  The VIP + Press Lounge is curated by one of northmodern’s design collabs
SUSHI restaurant –  curated by one of northmodern’s design collabs


The SLOW LIVING area is where home decoration brands present their collections. northmodern presents brands within various segments in SLOW LIVING such as:

Prints & Illustrations
Nude Elegance
– modern simplicity, function and form is in focus
Eclectic Atelier – contemporary, ethnic, global and colorful influences
Inspiration Universes­ – A variation of 3 inspirational universes : Nude Elegance, Eclectic Atelier and Work Hood – all curated and designed by Design Circus. Here the visitors can discover new inspiration as well as a selection of newly launched products and at the same time meet the design studio and some invited designers of the new items presented in these northmodern universes.
Read/PEJ – northmodern presents a variety of carefully selected books and magazines, from both national and international publishers. 200 m2 of the Read area is curated by PEJ Group, the biggest professional trend agency in Scandinavia. PEJ Group will be showing their extended Trend Universe with a broad selection of trend books, movies, Pantone colors etc., as well as a stage with daily speeches and trend presentations.