Nordic Design & Innovation Week in Shanghai 1–10/11 2013

Nordic Design & Innovation Week in Shanghai 1–10/11 2013

The Nordic Design & Innovation Week (NDIW) is an interactive platform to showcase the Nordic concept of sustainable and innovative design. NDIW was arranged for the first time in Shanghai in November 2013 and showcased a range of design sectors focusing on the idea of design as a process, not just a product.

The Nordic countries have a long tradition within the fields of design and innovation. Nordic design is often characterized by simplicity, clean lines and functionality.


The Nordic Design and Innovation Week (NDIW) was a 10-day event presented by the Nordic Consulates General in Shanghai (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland), supported by the Nordic Cultural Fund and Shanghai International Culture Association.

Th exhibition showcased Nordic design and innovation in food, fashion, service design and industrial design. In addition, a range of seminars, workshops, master classes and networking events will happen.

Norwegian fashion designer Nina Skarra ( presented her designs and ideas of sustainable design during Nordic Fashion Day. Rachel Troye, Prorector at Oslo School of Archictecture and Design (AHO) and Jan Walter Parr, Eggs Design, focused their presentations on Norwegian Service Design in the fields of  the public health care sector and the maritime sector. Amongst others, was the project “Designing for Dignity” presented for the audience, where AHO graduates have designed solutions that dignify the medico-legal process a victim goes through after a sexual assault ( Other interesting Norwegian design projects included the aim to create research and designs that can direct the development of the future ship bridges of offshore service vessels ( ,or the project which explored the future of platform supply vessels and challenged the traditional way the maritime industry designs and use offshore vessels (

The whole event presented forward thinking designs in a curated exhibition space by four Nordic design schools as well as more than ten different workshops and seminars.

Follow-up events to happen in 2014.