NJP – Louis Poulsen

NJP – Louis Poulsen

NJP – Work light

Design: Oki Sato.

Louis Poulsen is launching a new interpretation of the architect lamp. The ultra-minimalist work lamp is the result of a new partnership with Japanese design company Nendo, and designer Oki Sato.

All the familiar details are present: the springs, the angled shade, the rotating head and the clamp for attaching it to the table. Yet everything is very different. NJP Table is a new interpretation of the classic architect lamp, with functional qualities that have helped make it the archetypal work lamp and extremely popular in workplaces and private homes. In Oki Sato’s lamp, the glare-free light distribution, flexibility and soft reflected light have been recreated in an ultra-minimalist Japanese design.

For Oki Sato, NJP Table is a personal lamp. It is intended to serve as a key element of an individual working area, and as he himself puts it: “It is my lamp”. The light is comfortable, and the angled shade offers the same intimacy that the original architect lamp created in the work environment. The lamp retains and reinterprets the old principles of allowing the functionality to be visible in a contemporary design. The springs are an elegant detail, openly and decoratively exposed in the arm joints.

Versatility and an intuitive understanding of how the lamp is used have been key themes in Oki Sato’s work. The head is shaped to make it easy to adjust the lamp and switch it on and off using one hand. The two arms provide great movement and many stepless positioning options, allowing even large tables to be optimally illuminated.

The way in which we organise our work and workstations today has been a key factor in the lamp design. For example, it has two light settings (100% and 50%), making it easy to adapt the light to alternating work with a monitor or documents. The lamp also offers the high degree of head adjustment flexibility demanded by today’s height-adjustable desks. The highly positioned LED light source minimises and virtually eliminates glare at any height.

media-22327558-nendo_okisato_portrait1412-3-2Oki Sato produces honest designs with a simple expression, discarding decorative elements and only highlighting the functional elements in harmonic interplay in the final product. Its architect lamp heritage gives the light an extra dimension and adds signal value – NJP Table is primarily a work light.

One elegant detail is that the shade head is open at the rear, so that reflected light from the LED light source is utilised to illuminate the top section of the arm. A decorative – and practical – detail which allows the angle of the shade head in relation to the arm to be steplessly adjusted via a ball joint. The opening also improves the thermal conditions for the LED light source, thereby helping ensure a long lifetime.

The lamp arms have two spring systems which ensure they can be steplessly adjusted to suit any work situation. The lamp’s simple functionalist design includes a groove in the arms in which the cord is visibly recessed. The arms’ design makes them appear light, as the eye is drawn to the flat top section, while the structure is reinforced using a triangular profile.

The lamp has several options for installation. It can be mounted in a traditional base with a bevelled edge, making the lamp appear to hover above the table. It is also available with a pin fitting, in two diameters, for direct attachment to the table top, and finally, with the classic table clamp.

With its ultra-minimalist design, the NJP Table work light is ideal for either solo or repetitive installations. Even in an open office environment the lamp has a discreet presence, and it interplays harmonically with the computer in a personal office.

NJP Table will be available in October 2015. Available in black or white.

For additional information, contact Louis Poulsen at: info@louispoulsen.dk