Nikari & Woodnotes will join forces continuing as separate brands & companies

Mikko Puotila and Johanna Vuorio with Woodnotes and Nikari products.

This year strongly growing Nikari and Woodnotes are, from now on, working together on a non-equity venture basis, with partly combined organisations and operations, but still as separate brands. Sustainability-focused enterprises underline, that this new venture is significant, and exactly the right kind of solution for both in today’s business environment.

The founder of Woodnotes Mikko Puotila will leave his position as CEO, continuing as the chairman of the board, and actively engaging in different development projects. Nikari’s Johanna Vuorio will work as CEO for both companies. The arrangement includes share exchange.

Woodnotes and Nikari are both well known for their rigorous and uncompromising ethos, combining detailed design with quality material.

Nikari was founded in 1967 by master cabinet maker Kari Virtanen. The first project with Alvar Aalto architecture office lasted seven years, forming the core of the company imminently around solid wood, craftsmanship and contemporary design. The company ownership changed in 2010, when Johanna Vuorio bought the majority of the shares. Woodnotes was established in 1987 by leading Finnish textile artist Ritva Puotila and her son Mikko Puotila, building on their background and experience in textile art and remarkable paper yarn innovation.

The DNA of both companies consists of Finnish tradition with a compelling end result combining pure, serene forms and high quality. The philosophy lies on raw material; wood, and its use for products that are world-class in design and technical details. Thoughtful professionalism and creativity with material knowhow are visible in both companies’ actions.

70% of Woodnotes and 40% of Nikari sales are exports to more than 50 countries in total. One can find their products in leading interior stores and design dealers around the world, as well as in high-end public spaces from royal courts to the best restaurants. Both companies belong to the global elite in their fields.

”Woodnotes and Nikari have been collaborating in different ways over the years: the products have been on show together at international fairs, pop up galleries and marketing images. Our experiences of these collaborations have been excellent: the brands – strongly based on art, architecture and craftsmanship – complete each other, inspiring international clientele. The naturally evolving cooperation led us to think about future possibilities. We noticed the ongoing, strengthening new currants in our business environment: creative industries want to stay free and flexible, more than ever. The traditional mergers are being replaced by agile and efficient collaboratives of multiple small enterprises, reaching economic growth and benefits for each party.” – Mikko Puotila

”The shift in the market economy is bringing companies new goals of social and sustainable development; values that I find meaningful in planning the future of our brand family. It is rewarding to be able to develop this wonderful, honest story forward. Respect for the origins of objects and furniture is important to us all. We believe in genuine manufacturing and high quality – they mean more than ever in today’s fragmented, unreliable world. Authenticity is heartening; we aspire to bring the best of the natural, balanced Finnish way of living to a wider audience – locally and globally. Harmonious spaces enhance the quality of life, consisting of numerous delicate, and yet important details.” – Johanna Vuorio

The strategic and operational functions of the brands will be partly combined during the next years; for example the sales and marketing teams will be working closely together. The newly formed joint resources will help the companies to be more reachable globally.