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Stockholm Furniture Fair 9th – 13th February 2O1O Hall A Stand 14:18
Stockholm Furniture Fair

We all know that after rain comes sun. We have also come to understand that after big changes, major setbacks and severe recessions, we seek that which reassures us – such as shapes, colours and environments that communicate safety and security. We remove the cold, hard and sharp objects and replace them with friendly, round and comfortable shapes.

design: Stefan Borelius 2O1O

What came first the egg or the hen? Before Oppo came Puppa…or was it the other way around? In any case it took a year for the Puppa to reveal itself, but now it’s here, letting you rest your feet while sitting in Oppo, or offer a place to sit when everything else is occupied.
pupa [‘pju:p?] n pl -pae [-pi:], -pas An insect at the immobile nonfeeding stage of development between larva and adult, when many internal changes occur.
[via New Latin, from Latin: a doll, puppet] pupal adj Collins English Dictionary

design: Stefan Borelius 2O1O

A section sofa and easy chair range born from an idea that all we need are pillows! One big to sit on, or perhaps two. One pillow to lean your back against. Perhaps a pillow to rest your arm. It would be nice if that was all, because pillows have nice shapes, squared but still rounded. Dunder are pillows. Pillows to provide comfort in every environment. All you need to add, is yourself, and perhaps even more pillows.

design: Cate & Nelson 2O1OCombined room divider and seating that can easily adapt to contemporary architecture with open spaces. A piece of furniture that could divide rooms without being clumsy. Creating a secluded space just for you; with or without a friend, and easily blend in at the busiest restaurant or convention centre as well as the most quiet library…and of course, be effortlessly disassembled and stacked away when not needed. The light “corset-like” structure is covered with a translucent fabric and held in place by the belt. And, thanks to its translucent mesh fabric, you will never have the feeling of being entirely isolated from the surrounding environment and can instead always choose to be a part of what is going on around you…

design: Tomoyuki Matsuoka 2O1OInspiration for this chair: Fat, Mellow, Lovely and Strong. Elements that are essential for warm tranquillity of the soul. Fat tube fits your hand nicely. The voluptuous form embraces your body. The strong shape brings you solace in any setting, be it indoors, outdoors, in public, or in private. Beautiful colours give you a warm feeling and bring a smile to your face.

design: Osko+Deichmann 2O1OThe bent tubular steel has been heralded as the symbol of modernity in furniture design ever since the radical innovations designed by Mart Stam and Marcel Breuer in the 1920’s. The industrial technique completely innovated household design and matured to an undisputed iconic element of design vocabulary.

“Straw” is a homage to classic tubular steel furniture by visually and physically challenging tradition and implementing controversial detail into the canon of the design: The kinked tube. The kink, being the most immediate way to deform a tube, revolutionises the aesthetic appearance of tubular steel. Its disciplined character is contradicted; the objects seem spontaneous as if folded by hand.

design: Mia Cullin 2O1OThe brief was to design a small coffee table in one colour and one material. The project was restructured and expanded to a small family of tables. Mono became a table made of glass and metal manufactured by pressured lathe technology. One colour can be transformed into two shades if the leaf is reversed. Mono High is being premiered during the Stockholm trade show and Mono Low will first be revealed in Milan.

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