New versions of Kvist available! Design Jonas Bohlin – Örsjö Belysning

New versions of Kvist available!

Have a look at our new exciting versions of Kvist 4 and 6:
Brushed brass: If you prefer a smoother surface with less marks and signs of the production process.
Raw steel: If you prefer a raw steel surface, we can offer you this untreated steel-version.


Kvist was the first result of collaboration between Jonas Bohlin and Örsjö Belysning – a product that has become a contemporary classic and something of a hallmark for the Örsjö brand.

The first edition of Kvist, launched in 1999, symbolised in many ways the most distinctive qualities of Jonas Bohlin’s design: “function, innovation and personality”.

Kvist is the Swedish word for “branch”. The form, which is restrained yet highly functional with dimmable light sources that can be directed, is inspired by the branches of a tree.
”When my son was born, I planted an apple tree. The apple tree is still there, growing and bearing fruit. Kvist, too, is a ”tree” that ages gracefully,” says Jonas Bohlin.
Here at Örsjö Belysning we are committed to working with high quality materials. That is why we have chosen to use durable brass and copper. These are materials that endure – materials that age with dignity, gently shifting in shade over time, slowly developing a unique patina to become more beautiful with each passing year.

Kvist with a choice of 4, 6 or 16 “branches” has become a popular evergreen, equally at home in domestic settings and in public spaces. The cord is a generous 5 metres long. If the full length is not needed, any surplus can be wound around the hook on the lamp, adding an extra accent to the already eye-catching design.