New Nordic 29 June – 4 November 2012

– sets out to explore if certain specífic ‘Nordic’ features reflect in architecture  and if so how these manifest. New Nordic is the story of how we currently build in the Nordic region and express and organise ourselves and our community. Until November 4.

Is there a Nordic identity? Does The Nordic Way exist? Can one, despite the tendency of globalization to erase national and cultural differences, still understand identity as something associated with parti­cular places? And if that is the case, how has the Nordic identity developed alongside the development of the rest of the world?
These are some of the questions posed by the exhibit.

‘Nordic Dioramas’
When first entering the exhibit one is greeted by a number of boxes. New Nordic asks the question “What is Nordic for you”?, and the answers are manifested in series of small ‘Nordic diaramas’. 30 notabilities from different areas of cultural life in the 5 Nordic countries each contribute their answers reflected in a box offering suggestions to what Nordic identity is, today. The content may be memories, objects, a film or something else …
NEW NORDIC takes on 3 themes:
Re-assessing the site-specific
Re-interpreting community
Re-claiming public space

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