New Minimalist Patera Oval – Ideal for Modern Spaces by Øivind Slaatto – Louis Poulsen

Patera Oval, an ellipsoid pendant, which completes the Patera family designed by Øivind Slaatto. Following the same elegant design principles and captivating Fibonacci structure as the classic Patera, the new oval pendant brings the Patera range to new applications where ceiling heights are limited, or a flat circular form is preferred.
Patera Oval is a new poetic and timeless take on the circular Patera that was designed by Øivind Slaatto in 2015. Just as with the original circular lamp, the Patera Oval is assembled entirely by hand, following the mathematic structure of Fibonacci’s spiral. The flat circular shape forms an ellipsoid, which is perfect above dining tables, where headroom is required, or for hanging high up in the most spacious of venues.


Patera Oval is made up of diamond-shaped cells where each cell is carefully designed to reflect glare-free light when viewed from an angle of above 40 degrees – all while it emits a 360 degrees illumination that bathes surrounding spaces, people and objects in a natural, even and pleasing light. 
The round opening underneath provides direct light, with a soft transition to the reflected light from the cells, making the pendant perfectly suited to hanging above dining tables, as the flat oval shape allows for easy eye contact below the shade, as well as providing ideal light across the table. 
“The new version is designed to hang above tables in urban apartments, where the ceiling might not be as high. I wanted to design a pendant that requires less space, but still provides full light on the table,” says the designer Øivind Slaatto.


The new Patera Oval is beautiful to behold from all angles, with its Fibonacci sequence-based structure providing a different impression from every vantage point. Its all-round illumination creates a glowing ambience that enhances big contemporary venues, when placed in an elevated position. The pendant can be used with or without a diffuser plate, depending on whether the light source creates unwanted glare or not from above. 
Patera Oval is an atmospheric pendant with a diameter of 50 centimetres, which will elevate any bedroom, hallway, or corridor, as well as conference rooms, hotel rooms and lobbies. It comes with a white textile cord and an E-socket, making it possible to choose the desired light colour and output. It is also available in an LED version, with the option of 2700 or 3000 Kelvin.


About Øivind Slaatto
Danish designer Øivind Slaatto holds a master’s degree from the Danish Design School. Prior to this, he studied music at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. An appreciation for music as well as nature thoroughly permeates his approach to the design process. As recognised as he is for his poetic design solutions, he also seeks to bring characteristics such as rationality, logic and harmony to his designs.
Slaatto wants his designs to be perceived as simple and light in the same spirit of music being played. He has designed everything from speakers and cars to furniture and light fixtures. Designing lighting, however, is his great passion. His natural affinity with light leads him continually to optimise the experience of light and ambience.