New iconic chair Arkade by Nanna Ditzel – Brdr. Krüger

Arkade Chair, a previously unreleased piece, sees the light of day.

Danish furniture brand Brdr. Krüger is launching a previously unreleased chair by architect
Nanna Ditzel, who passed in 2005.

This new addition to the Brdr. Krüger collection was initially designed in 1983 during
a decade-long collaboration between Ditzel and Niels Krüger, 4th generation master
craftsman in the Danish heritage company. The joint effort explored the synergy between
Ditzel’s vision and Krüger’s expert craftsmanship, much in the spirit of Brdr. Krüger’s core
values to this day.

The Arkade Chair exemplifies Ditzel’s signature of elegant geometries and fondness for soft
circular shapes, expressed with recurring arches, hence the name Arkade, the Danish word
for Arcade, and a nod to classic architecture.

A colorful lady
Ditzel’s love for decoration and colors are articulated in the combination of materials and
techniques used in the Arkade Chair, including wood-turned and steam bend solid oak,
metal finishes in brass, black oxide, and chrome, as well as various fully upholstered
textiles and leathers. All components can be modified for different finishes to allow for
customisation and invite for a personal touch.

For Ditzel, the aesthetics of the chair were just as
important as function, citing

“It is very important to take into account the way
a chair’s appearance combines with the person
who sits in it.”

Brdr. Krüger has worked closely with Nanna Ditzel’s
daughters on realizing the Arkade Chair. Jonas Krüger,
Creative Director, says

“We want to stay true to Nanna’s colorful
character and unfold the Arkade Chair’s full
potential, especially for interior architects,
who can work with a chair full of personality,
materiality, and customisation possibilities.”

Dennie Ditzel, daughter of Nanna concurs

“Nanna’s collaboration with Brdr. Krüger brought
up exciting playful creations. The Arkade Chair
bears the hallmark of Nanna’s design. It is a bold
and different chair that doesn’t go unnoticed.”

About Nanna Ditzel
Nanna Ditzel (1923-2005), became an innovative leading figure in the renewal of Danish
design and attracted worldwide attention.
She was one of the most renowned Danish designers, and throughout her life she was
awarded numerous design prizes, among those the lifelong Artists’ Grant by the Danish
Ministry of Culture in 1998.

She welcomed the inspiration that came from new materials and production methods.
Very often, her works had a subjective starting point, which was contrary to specific
problems to be solved. However, she had a magnificent ability to transform her artistic
dreams into very functional and purposeful designs.