New elegant vase in the Squeeze series by Orrefors & Lena Bergström

In the spring of 2024, Orrefors expands the popular Squeeze series by Lena Bergström with a new larger and eye-catching vase. The vase in three colors has a height of 500mm and gives both a powerful and elegant emphasis to the series which was first introduced in 1997 and then relaunched in 2020.

Like many other innovations, the idea for Squeeze was born by chance. While working with a completely different shape, Lena Bergström lost control over the red-hot, tough glass so that an asymmetrical indentation occurred. The apparent failure was turned into its opposite and became the inspiration for Squeeze – and now the same process is done very deliberately. The pinched lines break the symmetry and at the same time contribute with a clear function: the flower bouquet you place in the vase is held together. It stands together instead of sprawling, even with just a few single stems.



The new larger Squeeze vase reinforces Bergström’s unique concept, design and presentation with additional dimension and emphasis at both product and range level. The vase is launched in three colors – Clear, Midnight Blue and Sunset Brown – and is an equally exciting and timeless addition to the current vase range of three sizes (180mm, 230mm and 340mm).

“Squeeze is really a living example of how exciting, unpredictable it is to work with glass,” says Lena Bergström. “Not only in the vase’s unique expression that arose by exploiting a mistake, but also how Squeeze’s basic idea and design take on a new form in new designs.”

“Squeeze, like many of Lena Bergström’s series in Orrefors, gives a unique feeling of lasting energy,” says David Carlson, Creative Director at Orrefors. “It is inspiring to, together with Lena, continuously refine the successful Squeeze series as part of Orrefor’s move towards a younger consumer.”