MONO – furniture shaped by craftsmanship and insight


This year’s experimental furniture exhibition is staged in one of Copenhagen’s
most elegant museums, Thorvaldsens Museum. The theme this year is
MONO. MONO as in one colour, one material and one form. MONO as a piece
of furniture that is the individual designer’s personal monologue in a dialogue
with Thorvaldsen’s sculptures and Bindesbøll’s outstanding architecture and
This year, 41 prototypes created for the occasion are put on display throughout
the museum. Some of them with an innovative vision and expression, others
using innovative materials developed especially for the 2018 Cabinetmakers’
Autumn Exhibition. Yet others have a classic typological basis or are hybrids
of well-known styles and functions. One quality that they all have in common
is that they spring from a profound command of craftsmanship based on skill
and knowledge.
The exhibition architecture for this year’s furniture display is tightly composed
with respect for the museum’s powerful colour scheme and architecture,
where the long sight lines stretching through the museum halls are prioritized
and are only discreetly interrupted by furniture exhibits, as one moves through
the museum.
The colours in Thorvaldsens Museum also play a role, as this year’s theme
specifies that the monochrome furniture may only feature colours from the
carefully selected palette in the museum. Moreover, the furniture must stay
within measurements of 90 x 90 cm in order to secure a homogenous flow
in the exhibition despite the varying aesthetics of the 41 individual pieces of
With MONO the Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition wants to highlight the
importance and potential of craftsmanship. The knowledge that undergirds
any artistic expression. The passion that comes from knowing one’s material
and pushing the boundaries for what is possible. And the wise hands that
once again make it possible to present a unique and experimental furniture
exhibition in Denmark.
We look forward to showing you MONO – furniture shaped by craftsmanship
and insight.
Exhibition venue:
Thorvaldsens Museum
Bertel Thorvaldsens Plads 2
DK – 1213 Copenhagen K
Exhibition period:
2 November–9 December 2018
Opening hours:
Tuesday–Sunday 10.00–17.00
Mondays closed

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