The easy chair Moment design by Khodi Feiz – Offecct

The easy chair MOMENT is the latest result of the collaboration between the internationally renowned designer Khodi Feiz and Offecct.
Khodi Feiz got the original inspiration for MOMENT from old school desks made up of a wooden chair with a table attached on the side, which gave Feiz the idea to give the easy chair a specific function.
The result is MOMENT, an easy chair that supports different types of activities like reading a newspaper, working or having a light meal. The easy chair is made to invite the user to sit down for a moment, to take a break, to work or do something else.

Feiz is inspired by three concepts in his designs: clarity, concept and context, which is obvious when it comes to the easy chair MOMENT, with its clear design language, strong concept and adaptability to different settings.
The collaboration between Offecct and Khodi Feiz goes back a long time, and Feiz has earlier designed the easy chair Palma, the chair Palma Meeting as well as the accessories in the K-Line series.
– The cooperation with Offecct is very rewarding, particularly due to our long-lasting relationship which means that we as designer and producer understand each other’s nuances and how we work, says Khodi Feiz.

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