Moderna in Brösarp, 10–12 October 2014

Modern in Brösarp (moderna i brösarp) has been arranged for nine consecutive years. It is Sweden’s first exhibition focusing exclusively on twentieth century design. The fairs forum is where the great interest in modern design can be expressed. Only modern furniture classics, art wares and modern art will fill the exhibition hall.

Each exhibitor has been carefully selected to ensure the highest quality standard, from Sweden’s most renowned dealers specializing in twentieth century art.

Quality over quantity has always been Brösarp fairs motto.

The sister fair ”Antiques Fair in Brösarp” has been a watering hole for those with genuine antique interest for 20 Years. Thanks to its high reputation for genuine quality antiques. Modern in Brosarp performs the same function, due to the ever-growing band of quality conscious design enthusiasts.

The exhibition dates: 10-12 October, which is a good time for home and interior design where not much else is competing for its attention.
Opening hours: Friday 13-19, Saturday 10-18 and Sunday 10-16.


Photo: Erik Karlsson, Jönssonbilder