Modena by CKR – Offecct

Modena by CKR – Offecct

Offecct Lab is a strategic initiative designed to concentrate Offecct´s efforts in the development of new solutions and products with focus on sustainability. Offecct Lab was introduced in 2013, and this year Offecct takes one step further in creating solutions beyond the ordinary.

There is absolutely nothing ordinary with MODENA, a chair that blurs the lines between stiff and casual. MODENA is in the true experimental spirit of Offecct Lab with design by Claesson Koivisto Rune in close collaboration with Offecct. This is pure invention and completely twists the whole concept of a traditional office chair.

– A chair is not really supposed to behave like this. Everybody knows what to expect of an office chair; you adjust height and backrest, but an ordinary chair is static. MODENA is flexible and satisfies two ways of sitting, an upright active way and a laid back, relaxed way. This is the beauty of MODENA, when you adjust the backrest the armrests follow the movement. This is a different kind of comfort that you have to try! says Anders Englund, Design Manager, Offecct. This is a fusion of mechanics and aesthetics of a sports car and an ordinary chair. A light steel frame and an upholstered backrest presents the main figure of the chair and through the fine net of the seat, you get a glimpse of the machinery. MODENA introduces a new kind of seating, adjusted to our modern ways of meeting and interacting.

– We wanted to use the piston found in ordinary office chairs, but in a new way to increase the comfort of a chair. We decided to visualise the piston, thereafter the elegant design came natural. The inspiration for MODENA is brakes found in sports cars and we have worked very close in the development with Offecct to realise this construction. It’s like an extreme racing car, hence the name MODENA which is the name of the Italian city sometimes called ”the capital of engines” because of famous car developers in the area, says Claesson Koivisto Rune.