MISSCHIEFS – A groundbreaking feminist nomadic exhibition

February 3 – 23, 2020,
Stureplan 6, 11435 Stockholm

MISSCHIEFS will first be revealed in Stockholm during the most
important week of the year for Nordic design, the Stockholm
Design Week. The exhibition spans over 200m2 in an empty apartment
inside the Bångska Palace, a historical edifice from 1883. The building
is situated in the heart of Stureplan, Stockholm’s most famous
and central public square soon to be renovated as part
of a major urban redevelopment of the area.


All the designers and artists were given the same brief
to create one new and exclusive piece of functional art
in a limited edition of three only.

Using the technique and materials of their choice, the designers and artists
were encouraged to be inspired by themes of social and political or personal
nature such as gender equality or cultural assimilation. A vision and
an experience for international viewers of what the Swedish contemporary
design scene really looks like today : diverse, intersectional and multicultural.

Launching in Stockholm during the Stockholm Design Week in February,
the exhibition is free and open to all everywhere it goes. MISSCHIEFS on tour
will travel to several major international art destinations during 2020 :
Milan in April (Miart/Salone del Mobile), Marseille in June
(Manifesta, the EuropeanBiennal of Contemporary Art),
London in September (London Design Festival), and Paris in October (FIAC).

The privacy and exclusivity of the MISSCHIEFS experience is key.
Visitors will be forbidden from taking pictures and scroll on social media once
they have crossed a specially constructed magic gate. The aim is to inspire them
to experience MISSCHIEFS with their human senses rather than their digital
devices, to push for a closer more intimate and complete relationship
between viewers and art works. Your phone will be switched off during your
visit, as such you actively participate in the MISSCHIEFS experience
of going against the unstoppable stream of social media overflow.
The first room in all the locations the exhibition will visit has
a dedicated space to use your phone as you please.
This first room features the first and only art piece.

In collaboration with a carefully selected crew of women-led businesses,
and organisations and local women curators such as BOLON (SW),
ASSAB ONE and Federica Sala (IT), MISSCHIEFS presents a unique collection
of functional objects specially made for the exhibition,
available for sale in a limited edition of three pieces only.

All the profit from the sales of the objects
and the catalogue goes to the foundation THE CASE FOR HER
dedicated to women’s health around the world.


In each city the exhibition travels to,
a woman-led art gallery or woman curator is invited to choose one woman
artist to create a unique work for the show.

In Stockholm the guest artist is
Yngvild Saeter, through Gallery Andrehn-Schiptjenko.

The feminist nature of MISSCHIEFS is key to the collaborative business
network she has established in Sweden and abroad which binds this
nomadic exhibition together. With the goal to boost the presence of Sweden
on the international stage of contemporary collectible design, Paola has
selected each MISSCHIEFS designer and artist in order to create a more
representative picture as a group of women artists of what « Swedish
design » means today : culturally diverse, emotionally and politically
engaged, particularly on issues of race, gender, feminism and sexuality.
The MISSCHIEFS collection is as such groundbreaking as it stands in opposition
to the traditional, strict, contained and male-dominated design style of what
defines Swedishness in design. MISSCHIEFS aims at becoming a Swedish
experimental and inspirational artistic and cultural catalyst for young
generations of designers and artists, everywhere.

MISSCHIEFS marks a new vision of Swedish contemporary design,
inscribed at the intersection of today’s craft, design, art and feminism, with
a strong emphasis on cultural intersectionality. The aim of the exhibition is also
to promote more collaboration between these disciplines and go beyond
the traditional divide between them. MISSCHIEFS strives for the advocacy
of Swedish and Nordic women designers and artists, traditionally
underrepresented and still struggling in a male-male-dominated industry,
even in Sweden today.


For more info, pictures and
interviews please contact
Paola Bjäringer