Mia Cullin

Mia Cullin was born 1970 in Lund. After studies in Sweden, Italy and Denmark, she received her degree from the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm.

Fundamentally, she is a genuine interior designer with wide knowledge on production and products. Her designs are straightforward, poetic and elegant. She is inspired by details found in everyday life as well as traditional craftsmanship and visual attachments. To her, it is important that an object’s structure and functionality are visualized. Mia is earnest, open-minded and product oriented and equally comfortable when speaking with factory workers, toolmakers and clients. She follows her products closely from sketch to final production all the while maintaining a humble, knowledgeable position throughout the process.

As a designer, Mia gets inspired from different materials, including non-woven fabric, plastic, leather, steel and glass. Her head is full of ideas and a passion to seek out innovative solutions and she is never unwilling to experiment. The only thing she lacks, is time. Mia describes herself as dreamy, emotional and honest.

At the same time, she is impatient and moody. This may seem contradictory. But when you meet Mia, it becomes apparent that it is from these characteristics, as well as her ambition to create products that are both useful and sustainable, that she develops her driving force.