Meet Marée – a chair range in recycled plastic by Jens Martin Skibsted – Montana

With the launch of the Marée range of chairs, designed by Jens Martin Skibsted, high-end furniture brand Montana Furniture is adding a new and exciting chair design to their comprehensive product catalogue. Marée, meaning tide in French, has a seat made in 100% recycled plastic and is available in eight curated Montana colours, with legs in both chrome and lacquered finishes.


The characteristics of Marée are the refined and rational approach that manifests itself in the straight lines and lack of superfluous details. Originally inspired by the movement of the tide creating the distinctive wave-shaped sand grooves, Danish designer Jens Martin Skibsted believes this shape provides both structural strength and an aesthetic element. It took five years for the designer to develop Marée from idea to final product. Many hours have been put into finding the ideal seating comfort and mastering the complexity of the upholstering due to the cut-out in the back.


The rational and clear design of Marée is complemented by the eight curated colours from the Montana palette. With the options of Oat, Mushroom, Amber, Beetroot, Flint, Parsley, Anthracite and Black, the colours bring a contrasting softness to the chair. Skibsted states: “I love what the colours are adding to the design, making the chair a natural part of the Montana family.”


About the designer
Jens Martin Skibsted, born in 1970, is a multiple award-winning designer, Global Partner at Manyone, and founder of the bicycle company Biomega and KiBiSi. His design products are widely recognised and incorporated into the collections of the Museum of Modern Art in both New York and San Francisco as well as Cnap and Designmuseum Danmark.

The Marée chair is available as a shell chair, with seat-only upholstery, inside upholstery and full upholstery, making it suitable for both private homes, hospitality and meeting areas.