Matti Klenell – Stay Here A While @ Värmlands Museum

Matti Klenell – Stay Here A While
27 feb 2021 – 29 aug 2021

The museum is currently closed due to Covid-19. The exhibition is completed on February 27 and can be seen at Värmlands Museum as soon as the museum reopens.

“There is a stage early in the creative process where I love to remain as long as possible. It is when the sketch begins to give the object that I work with a shape, but where the idea still revolves around a larger context about who, where and how it should be used. It is in the importance of place and space everything ends up. Not only the room where the objects are to be found, but also the location where they are made. This curiosity about the local and how you can respectfully interpret and pass that on in new directions. I stay for a while to then continue onwards. Most often I return.”
– Matti Klenell


Matti Klenell is one of our country’s most acclaimed designers and recognized both in Sweden as well as internationally. He moves effortless between different materials and disciplines and his experiences include assignments for several clients and producers.

Recently, he led the group of designers responsible for the interior design of the restaurant and café in the newly restored Nationalmuseum in Stockholm. An assignment that aroused admiration both among the general and colleagues in the industry. This is a presentation in the middle of the designer’s career with work accomplished during more than 20 years of practice.

The exhibition is structured in five scenes that provide an insight into the designer’s skills, work process and experiences through the years. The theme of ”Stay Here A While” revolves around different aspects of the importance of place – for use and function, creation and development, origin and context, idea and execution, materials and craftsmanship.

Värmlands Museum
Sandgrundsudden. Karlstad