Material meetings @ Form/Design Center

Material meetings is a glimpse of the future’s textile industry, shown by the exam works of the textile design students at Textilhögskolan i Borås.  Creating and finalising a textile collection requires both material, technical development and many hours of work. To the extent of 43 weekends spent at school, 1890 hours of work, 539 material samples and thousands meters of yarn.


The diversity of the collections mirrors the diversity that exists within the textile industry. The students have delved into themes such as bio-design, textile traditions, digitalisation and everything in-between. The red thread through it all is the long winding and extensive design processes that is the foundation for all the textile pieces. Yarns have been twisted in countless combinations, material tests have been tested, textiles have been placed in space, draped, washed and evaluated.

The modern textile designer must have great understanding of the the complexity of today’s textile industry, because a good design is not merely about creating exhilarating visual expressions. To create sustainable textiles starts with good design and suitable material choices. The process stretches from the single fibre or a digital sketch, to result in something that we can touch, feel and use.

The textile students of Textilhögskolan in Borås invites you to an exhibition where expressive colours, patterns, material, shapes and textile techniques gives a unique insight of the textile processes and what textile not only is, but also what it can become.   

Swedish School of Textiles
At the Swedish School of Textiles the creativity of art is combined with the ingenuity of technology.
The degree programmes cover the entire field of textiles, from design through manufacturing to management and technology.

The Swedish School of Textiles was founded in 1866 and currently has about 900 students from all over the world in seven undergraduate programmes and seven master’s programmes. The school is a part of the University of Borås. The campus is located in the city centre, close to parks, shops, restaurants,and the city transport interchange.
This is a place where students, businesses, and external lecturers come together on a daily basis.


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