Massproductions adds a new bold colour to The Tio collection design by Chris Martin

Massproduktions adds a new bold colour inspired by The Tokyo Tower to their Tio collection



“Pure Red is a strong red hue with a lot of confidence. We have previously worked with colours that blend into nature. This one is more urban in its appearance, inspired by the Tokyo Tower, the Golden Gate Bridge and Centre George Pompidou”
– Magnus Elebäck



The colour was chosen to explore a palette often used in industrial settings and has become synonymous with the brand’s core values of creativity, quality, and innovation.

The Tio collection, designed by Chris Martin and originally launched in 2009, 
is one of Massproductions’ most popular collections.

Pure Red is a heavy duty UV-resistant powder coat that is extremely durable in all weather conditions.

“A color for those who are bold enough to stand out”
– Magnus Elebäck