LP Slim Round suspended Acoustic Design by Louis Poulsen & BuzziSpace

Louis Poulsen & BuzziSpace

Explore the acoustic lighting solution for our LP Slim collection, experiment with the vibrant color palette, and enjoy the perfect blend of lighting and acoustic comfort for your next project.

While Louis Poulsen is representing more than 100 years of light expertise, BuzziSpace correspond with acoustic pioneering turning the acoustics paradigm from conservative looks to design driven manufacturing.

This collaboration, results in an elegant yet playful range of acoustic lighting products, contributing to a happy and healthy space that everybody deserves. The collection comprises the LP Slim Round and LP Slim Box designed by Louis Poulsen in 2017 each of which has been given a BuzziSpace signature acoustic functionality.


LP Slim Round suspended Acoustic Design by Louis Poulsen & BuzziSpace
By seamlessly incorporating acoustic elements into the lighting solution, we’ve unlocked the power to not only illuminate but also to transform the auditory landscape of any room. LP Slim Acoustic is tailored to enhance well-being, productivity, and the sheer joy of being in a beautifully lit and acoustically balanced environment. Discover LP Slim Round Acoustic Design by Louis Poulsen & BuzziSpace in two sizes and choose between many vibrant colors from the fabrics collection.



LP Slim Box suspended Acoustic Design by Louis Poulsen & BuzziSpace
With Louis Poulsen’s iconic design language and BuzziSpace’s innovative acoustic technology, we’ve designed lighting solutions that are not just visually stunning but also aurally transformative. LP Slim Box is a modern, yet classic architectural fixture that accommodate the need for great working light as well as an overall soft illumination, creating both a comfortable and aesthetic pleasing milieu. What truly sets this product apart is its integration of acoustic technology, elevating it beyond illumination to become a multifaceted solution for modern spaces. Discover LP Slim Box Acoustic Design by Louis Poulsen & BuzziSpace and its vibrant fabrics collection.